Singapore’s leading edtech accelerator, EduSpaze, welcomes its seventh cohort including Hong Kong and Korean Startups

  • Eduspaze introduces 7 up-and-coming edtech startups to receive investment and mentorship from edtech mentors.
  • The cohort consists of unique startups to empower learners in innovative ways, using AI and VR technologies.

Singapore, 23 August 2023; EduSpaze, the leading edtech accelerator in Southeast Asia welcomes seven promising startups into its renowned accelerator programme. The latest batch of incoming startups includes innovative businesses that utilise artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) to transform the education landscape and empower learners in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region.

These seven startups, namely Uwave, Open Academy, AI Blocks, Zezedu, PrimeSkills, Universitas123, and Turtle Learn will be part of the seventh cohort to participate in the EduSpaze accelerator programme. During the programme, startups will receive seed funding and guidance from experienced education and edtech mentors to find their place in the market, attract investors and grow their business globally.

“Given the rise in AI, we see new possibilities and growth ahead in an exciting time in edtech with the global market primed to be a USD 421 billion industry by 2032. Furthermore, with key players like Google focusing on the ways AI can work in education in their newest search engine upgrades, and tech visionaries from Microsoft showing great enthusiasm about AI’s role in education such as offering feedback for essays and alleviating teachers’ workload, the sector is evolving. We have curated this seventh cohort of our programme to include promising changemakers and we are proud to be the launching pad to propel them further and guide them on their mission to redefine edtech and education.” shares Alex Ng, Managing Director of EduSpaze.

EduSpaze, Singapore’s first edtech accelerator is part of seed capital firm and startup incubator Spaze Ventures and is supported by Enterprise Singapore. This is the seventh iteration of their accelerator programme, which aims to empower edtech startups in the region. Previous participants have seen significant growth since their stint, including Flying Cape, Noodle Factory, Binar Academy and myFirst.  The accelerator programme provides a conducive environment for early-stage startups to scale, accelerating their growth over the three months by pumping in up to S$500K of seed funding, and opportunities to collaborate with other stakeholders and implement pilot projects, with the end goal of fostering a vibrant edtech startup ecosystem with each cohort.

Future-proofing education by leveraging AI and VR

The traditional understanding of school has been undeniably disrupted since the pandemic, which encouraged institutions to create meaningful experiences for learners online. Even after the return to in-person classes, the impact of digital technologies in classrooms prevails. Transitioning to online learning is merely a first step towards incorporating technology into education — edtech startups go beyond replicating and digitising traditional classroom content and operations. The experience of going to school and getting an education has been fundamentally transformed, revealing a whole new host of opportunities to utilise technology when preparing students for the future.

“Most people overlook the importance of building a community in schools, but the networks formed there eventually become invaluable tools for students and the institution. It helps create opportunities for mentorship and meaningful connection, and uWave’s mission is to empower and nurture these vibrant private communities. Presently, we partner with schools to establish and foster dynamic communities for both their students and alumni. EduSpaze has an extensive network across Southeast Asia, and we’re thrilled about the possibilities this programme holds for our business growth.” shares Cedrik Lim, Co-Founder & CEO of uWave.

The skills conferred to students through schooling have to expand beyond the textbook knowledge. In the technologically-driven world, AI has permeated nearly every sector at an unprecedented rate, and the skills students possess must evolve in tandem. The new EduSpaze cohort also features startups like AI Blocks, which is focused on incorporating AI in the classroom allowing students to explore and learn more about different AI topics.

“We are incredibly excited to be part of Eduspaze. We don’t think there’s a better place for us to grow and help bring accessible AI education for all. The AI takeover highlights the need for a fundamental change in the content taught in classrooms. It seems like a daunting task to introduce complex concepts such as AI to students, but it is possible, and extremely crucial. By making AI accessible to students at a young age, we can help them become better equipped for the future.” shares Shao-Qian Mah, the CEO of AI Blocks.

For the full list of companies in this cohort, please refer to Appendix A.

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About EduSpaze

EduSpaze is Singapore’s first edtech accelerator supported by Enterprise Singapore, the enterprise development agency. It aims to nurture a vibrant edtech startup ecosystem that serves the education sector in Singapore and Southeast Asia. EduSpaze helps early-stage edtech startups go to market, accelerate their growth, and co-innovate with other stakeholders in the space. The new accelerator supports companies that address sector-specific challenges with innovative solutions to improve learning outcomes and the impact of education. EduSpaze is part of Spaze Ventures.

About Spaze Ventures

Spaze Ventures is a seed capital firm that provides seed funding and mentorship to the founders of early-stage startups. It has operated a sector-agnostic startup incubator since 2014 and has a portfolio of more than 60+ startups. After five years of supporting the startup ecosystem and educating founders of early-stage startups, it has established a strong network of partners including many educational institutions. Spaze Ventures launched EduSpaze as a dedicated edtech initiative in 2019.

About Enterprise Singapore

Enterprise Singapore is the government agency championing enterprise development. We work with committed companies to build capabilities, innovate and internationalise. We also support the growth of Singapore as a hub for global trading and startups and build trust in Singapore’s products and services through quality and standards. Visit for more information.

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